Sonic Tag

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Sonic Tag is an interactive sound and music making app for iPad, designed for workshops and participatory music sessions.  The app allows to you record sound and manipulate it using either the touchscreen, the accelerometer, or a NoiseBear controller.

Sonic Tag was developed in collaboration with Whitefield Schools and Center in Walthamstow, London, St Francis School in Lincoln and Linwood School in Bournemouth. Also, the Sonic Tag prototype was used to create the Dean Rodney Singers App for the Paralympics Unlimited festival in 2012.

This project was supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and

Features include:
A set of simple interactive musical scenarios
Looped Recording
Sample playback
Time and pitch stretching
Loop point control
Accelerometer control, including continuous manipulation and motion triggering
Filtering, flanging and ring modulation
A ‘supervisor screen’ for workshop leaders to configure the app


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