Soundlab Framework


Soundlab Framework is funded by NESTA/ACE/AHRC Digital R&D. SoundLab aims to find simple and effective ways to help people with learning disabilities to express themselves musically and collaborate with other people using both readily available musical technologies and also cutting edge research in interface design and machine learning. We want to show how technologies can be brought together and combined to allow users new ways to make music. We’re carrying out a series of workshops and events where users, developers, educators and members of the project team will experiment with different combinations of technologies in different environments and with different groups of users. Through these sessions we will evaluate what works and what doesn’t as a group. Each of the these sessions will be written up as a series of experiments and posted online at the SoundLab site with audio, video and photos of the session and how it went, together with a conclusion or outcome so that they can be useful to other arts organisations and individuals, and over time build into a valuable resource. You can check out the website here :