Sound, Image, and Brain

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Through a multidisciplinary approach that draws on perception and cognition, media engineering, therapy, interactive gaming, sound, music and audiovisual arts, this project takes completed research in brain-computer interfaces, audio-visualisation, participation and gaming, and develops it in partnership with industry and public organisations by engaging more fully with those within the public sector who both stand to benefit from, and also contribute to the creation and enhancement of consumer-grade real-time interaction hardware and software for brain-computer interfacing and technology-led creativity.

Some of the outputs of the project include:

A NoiseBear Controller8053889559_3aa3c76e84_cDean Rodney Singers AppScreenshot 2013.07.09 17.56.22logomulSpectraBrushScreenshot 2013.01.16 17.23.04



Team members:

Mick GriersonChris Kiefer






This project is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.