Rapid-Mix is an EU funded project bringing together research labs and creative companies, with the aim of bringing innovations in interactive technologies to users.

We humans are highly expressive beings. Beyond explicit verbal communication, the human body is a major outlet for both conscious and unconscious expressivity. It is the channel through which we communicate and express ourselves non-verbally. In this quest for expression, we have not only created language, but also art …and technology. And while technology advances exponentially, it is continually demonstrated that technology has the greatest impact when it aims to enable human expressivity rather than simply to improve itself irrespective of human need. It logically follows that truly disruptive technological innovations require interfaces that take advantage of human expressivity, rather than acting as a bottleneck to restrict it.

The RAPID–MIX consortium¬† has devoted years of research to the design and evaluation of embodied, implicitand wearable human- computer interfaces. These interfaces, developed and applied through creative fields suchas music and video games, provide natural and intuitive pathways between expressivity and technology.RAPID–MIX will bring these innovations out of the lab and into the wild, directly to users, where they will have true impact. RAPID–MIX will bring cutting edge knowledge from three leading European research labs specialising in embodied interaction, to a consortium of five creative companies.

Over the next three years, our work will enable the design and market replication of innovative and disruptive products for music, gaming and wellbeing, extending this insight to the rapidly growing broader industries of e-health, quantified self and wearables. RAPID–MIX will achieve this by 1) providing new low cost designs for advanced wearable interfaces 2) transferring advanced machine learning analysis techniques to track gestures, understand physiological signals, and encode context, and 3) providing publicly accessible Application Programming Interfaces (API), middleware layers and hardware forpartner SMEs, industrial and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) communities to integrate these approaches in new products.

We will shortly be launching the RAPID- MIX website with details of projects, partners and the API we will be developing.