Haptic Wave

Copy of HapticWave 02 - DCameron(1)

The Haptic Wave is a device developed for audio engineers with visual impairments that allows them to ‘feel’ audio waveforms.

Goldsmiths Research Questions: Can haptics change how we perceive sound? from Goldsmiths, University of London on Vimeo.

Bespoke software written in Max allows for navigating through audio waveforms with the device, while a motorised fader communicates the amplitude of the waveform at a given point to the user.

This device has been presented at CHI 2016 in San Jose, RTD 2015 at Microsoft Research, Cambridge and demonstrated at NESTA, London and Apple, California. Our paper “Haptic Wave: A Cross-Modal Interface for Visually Impaired Audio Producers” (By Atau Tanaka and Adam Parkinson) was awarded the prestigious Best Paper Award at CHI 2016.