Gesture Variation Follower (GVF)


Gesture Variation Follower (GVF) is a cross-platform, open-source C++ library for realtime gesture recognition and variations estimation. In other words, the library provides methods to easily learn a gesture vocabulary, recognize a gesture as soon a... Read More

Earwyrm: A Music-Driven Race Game

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Earwyrm is a Music-driven race game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that takes any track from you iOS music library and turns it into a mesmerising, mindbending, wormhole-style racetrack.  You can download it for free from the app store. Here's how... Read More

Dean Rodney Singers App

Dean Rodney Singers App

The Dean Rodney Singers app was created to accompany the Dean Rodney Singers installation at the Royal Festival Hall in Summer 2012, part of the Unlimited Festival for the Cultural Paralympics. In the app, you can remix songs from the seven dimensio... Read More

Sonic Tag

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Sonic Tag is an interactive sound and music making app for iPad, designed for workshops and participatory music sessions.  The app allows to you record sound and manipulate it using either the touchscreen, the accelerometer, or a NoiseBear controlle... Read More


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Maximilian is an open source, MIT licensed C++ audio synthesis library. It’s designed to be cross platform and simple to use. The syntax and program structure are based on the popular ‘Processing’ environment. Maximilian provides standard wavef... Read More

Spectra Brush


Spectra Brush is a free sound controlled painting app for the iPad. Spectra Brush lets you paint expressively by controlling the shape of the brushes with your voice or any other sound. You can choose between eight different brushes that react to sou... Read More



Mul is an interactive system where you control fluid patterns with your mind, using the Neurosky Mindwave Mobile. Available soon on the app store, for free. Mul is designed for use with the Neurosky Mindwave Mobile. It’s an interactive system whe... Read More