MetaGesture Music CD distributed by Accidental Records

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We are delighted to announce that the MetaGesture Music CD will be distributed in partnership with NX Records, and Matthew Herbert's label, Accidental Records. It is available for purchase, digital download, and streaming on the NX Records site and a... Read More

Haptic Wave

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The Haptic Wave is a device developed for audio engineers with visual impairments that allows them to 'feel' audio waveforms. Goldsmiths Research Questions: Can haptics change how we perceive sound? from Goldsmiths, University of London on Vimeo. ... Read More



Rapid-Mix is an EU funded project bringing together research labs and creative companies, with the aim of bringing innovations in interactive technologies to users. We humans are highly expressive beings. Beyond explicit verbal communication, the hu... Read More


HapticWave 02 - DCameron

The Design Patterns for Inclusive Collaboration (DePIC) project aims to develop new ways for people to interact with each other using different senses, so reducing barriers caused by visual and other sensory impairments. DePIC is an EPSRC funded ... Read More

Enabling AVUIs

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“Enabling Audiovisual User Interfaces” is a 2-year project, supported by a Marie Curie EU fellowship, being conducted by Nuno N. Correia at EAVI, Goldsmiths, under the supervision of Prof. Atau Tanaka. During the project, we will investigate how ... Read More

Soundlab Framework


Soundlab Framework is funded by NESTA/ACE/AHRC Digital R&D. SoundLab aims to find simple and effective ways to help people with learning disabilities to express themselves musically and collaborate with other people using both readily available m... Read More

MetaGesture Music


MetaGestureMusic draws upon three complementary research fields to create gestural, interactive musical instruments for both musicians and non-musicians alike. It draws upon Auditory Culture studies to understand the cultural significance of music. I... Read More

Sound, Image, and Brain

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Through a multidisciplinary approach that draws on perception and cognition, media engineering, therapy, interactive gaming, sound, music and audiovisual arts, this project takes completed research in brain-computer interfaces, audio-visualisation, p... Read More



The Performance and pRactice Analysis Inspiring Social Education (PRAISE) is a social network for music education with tools for giving and receiving feedback. It aims to widen access to music education and make learning music more accessible and mor... Read More