Rebecca Fiebrink seminar at IRCAM

Rebecca IRCAM

Interactive Machine Learning as Musical Design Tool

Supervised learning algorithms can be understood not only as a set of techniques for building accurate models of data, but also as design tools that can enable rapid prototyping, iterative refinement, and embodied engagement— all activities that are crucial in the design of new musical instruments and other embodied interactions. Realising the creative potential of these algorithms requires a rethinking of the interfaces through which people provide data and build models, providing for tight interaction-feedback loops and efficient mechanisms for people to steer and explore algorithm behaviours.

Salle Stravinsky
12:00-13:00, 20 May 2015

Another great IRCAM moment. Jason Freeman happened to be around, Miller Puckette is flying in tomorrow. Ran into Fréderic Voisin and Philippe Manoury.