Realtime Visuals, Symposium and Concert


On Tues 18th June at Goldsmiths, a daytime symposium and evening concert programme on Realtime Visuals, featuring a keynote address by Naut Humon, of Recombinant Medial Labs (San Francisco).

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The second in our year long series of workshops focuses on process-based approaches to sound/image relationships. It will broaden the scope of debate, embracing a diversity of approaches to the audio-visual. The workshop programme includes presentations discussing the motivations, the challenges and the inspirations that inform the design of custom audio-visual instruments and systems. Artists may explore metaphoric correspondences between sound and image, structural, and non-metaphoric audio-visual relationships. They may emphasise or minimise the morphing of a physical input through data abstraction. An evening event in the Goldsmiths Cinema will present live performances of process-based sound/image works. These events will be of interest to artists, performers, musicians, researchers and students working with audio-visual media. Funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC). Organised by Adriana Sà, Adam Parkinson, Atau Tanaka.