Leafcutter John and the HapticWave


London-based electronic musician, sound artist, hardware hacker and all round superhero Leafcutter John helped us build a prototype of the ‘HapticWave’ for the DePIC project. This is a haptic interface which utilises CIID’s Motors and Music project to create a hardware controller for an accessible DAW.

John used an old scanner, a CIID board and two 5cm motorised faders. The HapticWave is intended to allow visually-impaired users to scan through a waveform and ‘feel’ its amplitude through two motorised faders, whilst moving backwards and forwards through the sample using the scanner.

John sent us this nice little ‘victory video’ when he got Max MSP communicating with the CIID board.

happy wave – Cellular

Check out more of Leafcutter John’s work: he makes lovely Max patches you can download and play with: http://leafcutterjohn.com