Enabling Audiovisual User Interfaces

I have recently started my research project “Enabling Audiovisual User Interfaces” at EAVI, Goldsmiths. It is a 2-year project, supported by a Marie Curie EU fellowship. During the project, I will investigate how human-computer interactions can be audiovisualized in order to improve user experience and usability. To address this issue, a new UI paradigm is proposed – AVUI (AudioVisual User Interface). AVUI links interaction, sound and image, building upon the concept of Graphical User Interface (GUI) by adding interconnected sound and image. The research hypothesis is: the introduction of AVUI, integrating interrelated sonic and visual feedback, reacting to user interactions, will lead to more usable, accessible, playful and engaging UIs, as compared to a traditional GUI – particularly in use cases where accessibility and/or engagement are determinant. I intend to apply AVUIs to case studies, which will be the object of user testing. After reaching conclusions from these, I will propose an AVUI framework, including software modules and a set of best practices. Dissemination activities are also planned. AVUI builds upon previous research I have conducted for my doctoral studies, namely the concept of IAVO (Interactive AudioVisual Objects, image below).

I am interested in connecting to research being conducted at Goldsmiths, where the concept of AVUI could be of use. Please contact me if you are interested in collaboration and/or obtaining further information: nc@goldsmithsdigital.com. I will be posting results of my research at the EAVI blog. More about me and my work: https://www.doc.gold.ac.uk/eavi/eavi.goldsmithsdigital.com/staff/dr-nuno-correia/