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7th May
8 till late
The Amersham Arms
se14 6ty

5 pounds

Laetitia Sonami

Laetitia Sonami is a renowned composer, performer and sound artist. She studied under Joel Chadabe and Eliane Radigue, and Eliane Radigue composed the piece Occam IX for her in 2013.  She is known for working with new instruments, in particular the Lady’s Glove, a pioneering sensor instrument for bringing the human body into the performance of electronic music. Her work combines text, music and found sound in compositions which have been described as “performance novels”.

Patricia Alessandrini and Richard Craig

We are delighted to have Patricia Alessandrini performing at this EAVI after her planned performance at EAVI XI was unfortunately cancelled. Patricia Alessandrini is a composer who works with live electronics and interactive multimedia, engaging with concert music repertoire and exploring issues of representation, perception and memory. Her compositions have been played at festivals across the world, and she has worked with institutions such as GRM and IRCAM. Richard Craig is a flautist and new music performer who has performed with groups such as ELISION, Musikfabrik and Klangforum Wien at international festivals including the Venice Biennale, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, the Festival D’Automne in Paris and the Lincoln Center Festival New York.


The performances of Quitters are a thing of true wonder. Imagine, if you will, a heartbroken Ivor Cutler hijacking an R n B Karaoke. Tears of joy and sadness are cried, and nothing is quite the same afterwards.

Álvaro Sarasúa

Álvaro Sarasúa is visiting EAVI from the Music Technology Group (UPF) in Barcelona where he is a member of the Barcelona Laptop Orchestra, exploring novel ideas in network music. He works in a variety of bands including Freakenders, UMO, Nomo and Audiolepsia. For EAVI XII he will be performing a solo version of CliX Redux, a piece that the Barcelona Laptop Orchestra performed in Sónar 2013.

Sam Gillies
Sam Gillies is a composer and sound artist with an interest in the function of noise as both a musical and communicative code in music and art. His work treads the line between the musically beautiful and ugly, embracing live performance, multimedia and installation art forms to create alternating sound worlds of extreme fragility and overwhelming density. Sam’s music has been programmed at both national and international conferences and festivals, including the Test Tone Series at Superdeluxe, Tokyo and the International Computer Music Conference