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Ashley Paul
Dirty Electronics
Jennifer Walshe and Maria Chavez

Chloe Frieda (Alien Jams / NTS)
Team GBH

The Amersham Arms
Wed 18th March
Five Pounds

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/792209204165648

Ashley Paul

Ashley Paul is a multi-instrumentalist, improviser and composer whose work pushes and stretches song forms and instrumentation in beautiful and beguiling ways. She has been highly praised by Wire Magazine, Pitchfork, Thurston Moore and Byron Coley, and has worked with Phill Niblock, Rashad Becker, Nik Colk Void, Loren Connors, Heatsick, Aki Onda, C. Spencer Yeh, Anthony Coleman, Bass Clef, Eli Keszler and more, appearing on labels including Important, PAN, ESP-DISK’ and Tzadik.


Dirty Electronics

John Richards’ Dirty Electronics injects filth and chaos into electronic music (and its well known we love filth and chaos at EAVI). The Dirty Electronics ensemble explores ritual and collectivity in music through collaborative instrument building and performance, and have performed commissioned pieces by Merzbow, Pauline Oliveros and Nicholas Bullen (Scorn / Napalm Death). John has recently been making synths for Mute which are being used by Chris Carter and Factory Floor (amongst others).



Holovr is one of the many guises of Jimmy Billingham,  producing murky techno infused with aquatic melancholy, coaxed out of samplers, Gameboys and cassette players. He has released two albums on the mighty Opal Tapes.


Jennifer Walshe & Maria Chavez

Jennifer Walshe is a composer, improviser and vocalist who has been described as “the most original compositional voice to emerge in Ireland in the last 20 years”. Her works have been performed across the world by ensembles including Apartment House, ensemble rechere and the Rilke ensemble. Maria Chavez is an abstract turntablist and sound artist of international renown and acclaim who has played the world over, and recently joined Goldsmiths as a research fellow. She has a new album in the pipeline for Oneohtrix Point Never’s Software label.


DJs Team GBH and Chloe Frieda (Alien Jams / NTS)

Fantastic sounds will be played from digital and non-digital media throughout the night by Chloe, Mike and Dan. Listen to the brilliant Alien Jams show on NTS: