EAVI Nite: Electro Anthro Visceral Intensity 4th September, London

The EAVI research unit presents a night of Electro Anthro Visceral Intensity with infrabass pulsations, electronic circuit crackles, leather bassoons, bio-interfaces and feedback drums. We’re bringing together electronica, noise, and contemporary classical in a research of body and sound.

8pm doors / 9pm -12am
Amersham Arms, 388 New Cross Road, London, SE14 6TY.


Joanne Cannon – Melbourne-based instrumentalist from the Bent Leather Band http://www.bentleather.com/

Ryan Jordan – kingpin of the East London noise scene and noise=noise organiser http://ryanjordan.org/

DMT – UK premier of the new trio with Marco Donnarumma (Xth Sense biosensors), Christos Michalakos (feedback drums) and Atau Tanaka (mobile phones) http://marcodonnarumma.com/ , http://christosmichalakos.com/ , http://www.ataut.net/

Matthew Yee King – Rephlex artist formerly with Bavin, toured with Cristian Vogel and Jamie Lidell playing solo. http://www.yeeking.net/

Tom Richards – Electronic circuits, sonic sculptures, pulsing beats, indelible grooves http://www.tomrichards.info/

Shelley Parker – Haywire DJ, Structure organiser, and Entr’acte artist playing ultra lows and palpable frequencies http://www.shelleyparker.co.uk/

Mick Grierson – Brain-computer interface blow out http://www.mickgrierson.co.uk/

DJ to close by Man With Feathers https://soundcloud.com/adamparkinson