Earwyrm: A Music-Driven Race Game

Screenshot 2013.01.16 17.37.57

Earwyrm is a Music-driven race game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that takes any track from you iOS music library and turns it into a mesmerising, mindbending, wormhole-style racetrack.  You can download it for free from the app store.

Here’s how it works:

Set your difficultly level and pick a track to get started.
Move left and right from stream to stream to pick up the music-like ‘braids’ that race towards you in time to the music.
Try different tracks, and see if you can beat your friends at your favourite music.

Earwyrm always provides a reliable gameplay experience from song to song – each level is uniquely derived from your choice of music – and is the same for everyone who tries to race that music.

You don’t have to wait – the level is generated in real-time as you listen to the track, and dynamically recognises changes in the music and visualises them immediately.

Earwyrm is a visceral reactive music game like no other. Play it on maximum difficulty to get the highest scores, but look out for when the bass drops!

Screenshot 2013.01.16 17.45.00 Screenshot 2013.01.16 17.41.55 Screenshot 2013.01.16 17.37.34 Screenshot 2013.01.16 17.23.04