BeagleBoard Performances – Karma Rebuild


We have a new set! Atau and Adam have laid to rest 4-hands iPhone, and put together a new set using BeagleBoards. It sounds like this:

and it looks like this:

BeagleBoards are single-board computers, much like the Raspberry Pi but a little better for audio. We’ve been using these with the Satellite operating system from CCRMA, Stanford. This is a stripped down OS aimed at people doing audio-related stuff with the boards, coming with Pure Data, SuperCollider and ChucK pre-installed. You can set it to automatically launch software so it can be used as a standalone instrument without screen / keyboard / etc.

We’ve been controlling 4 BeagleBoards with some Korg midi controllers, and using a 4 channel mixer to do live PA with various loops that are mangled by beat slicers and granular patches. We played our first set at the MusDig conference at Oxford University, and our second set at the Mute Magazine summer party. More to come!

The Satellite CCRMA website is here: