Monthly Archives: May 2015

Rebecca Fiebrink seminar at IRCAM

Rebecca IRCAM

Interactive Machine Learning as Musical Design Tool Supervised learning algorithms can be understood not only as a set of techniques for building accurate models of data, but also as design tools that can enable rapid prototyping, iterative refineme... Read More

“Making Data Sing: Embodied Approaches to Sonification” – new publication by Adam Parkinson and Atau Tanaka


Atau and I have a chapter in a new book published by Springer in Science, Music and Motion as part of their Lecture Notes in Computer Science series. Find it here: The chapter is entitled ... Read More

Expressive Interfaces for Differently Abled at CHI 2015 by Simon Katan

Our contribution to CHI 2015 was a note about how Interactive Machine Learning can be used to create expressive interfaces for differently abled people. The team was Rebecca Fiebrink, Mick Grierson, and myself, and the work was the culmination of six... Read More

Expressivity, Muscle Sensing and Intelligent Machines at CHI 2015

We just got back from the SIGCHI Conference on Computer-Human Interaction in Seoul, Korea. CHI is one of the largest conference in the field, counting this year over 3000 attendees. The CHI experience is as overwhelming as exciting. With 15 parall... Read More

Sofia Lourenço lecture on Piano Performance Style: Analysis towards a multimodal approach

  We will have a talk on Tuesday, 5th May 2015 at 4:30pm in the Ben Pimlott Building Lecture Theatre by the pianist, Sofia Lourenço combining a discussion of different styles of classical piano performance with motion capture analysis. Free... Read More