Monthly Archives: October 2013

EAVI Nite II: Electro Anthro Visceral Intensity 13th November, London

The EAVI research unit presents for the 2nd time the night of ElectroAnthroVisceral Intensity. This time with live coders, atomised noise, pulsating lights, a zither and rusty dusty beats. We’re bringing together electronica, noise, and contemporar... Read More

Talk by Thecla Schiphorst and Sarah Fdili Alaoui: Applying Somatic Techniques to User eXperience in Digital Art and HCI

Dr Thecla Schiphorst and Dr Sarah Fdili Alaoui will give a lecture entitled "Applying Somatic Techniques to User eXperience in digital art and HCI" Friday 1st November, at 1:30pm Goldsmiths College, Ben Pimlott Building, Lecture Theatre Abstract ... Read More

Talk by Miha Ciglar: Tangible ultrasound and non-linear acoustics

Miha Ciglar, director at IRZU - Institute for Sonic Arts Research and CEO at Ultrasonic audio technologies, will present and demonstrate the latest research developments of both institutions. Particular attention will be devoted to the analysis of tw... Read More

Trope’s Diasynchronoscope: Screen-less 3D Concrete Immersive Audiovisual


The artistic Partnership TROPE consists of Goldsmiths PhD student in Arts and Computational Technology, Carol MacGillivray and MFA alumnus Bruno Mathez. Together they have created the Diasynchronoscope – a new form of 3D concrete animation that is ... Read More

Exploring disparities between human perception and digital analysis


The Arpeggio-Detuning is rule-based audio software, which produces sonic complexity based on pitch analysis from an acoustic zither input. The software was made for a zither with aged strings, a personal tuning system, and personal zither playing tec... Read More