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NIME13: Baptiste C’s talk

Machine Learning of Musical Gestures ABSTRACT: "The talk presents an overview of machine learning (ML) techniques and their application in interactive music and new digital instrument design. We first provide the non-specialist reader an introduc... Read More

NIME13: Marco D’s talk

Muscular Interactions: Combining EMG and MMG sensing for musical practice ABSTRACT: "We present the first combined use of the electromyogram (EMG) and mechanomyogram (MMG), two biosignals that result from muscular activity, for interactive music ... Read More

Machine Learning of Musical Gestures

This tutorial/primer is adapted from the paper "Machine Learning of Musical Gestures" by B. Caramiaux and A. Tanaka presented at NIME 2013 (New Interfaces for Musical Expression). Introduction Machine Learning becomes a buzz term that can be see o... Read More

NIME Conference, Seoul, South Korea


Our team will present current research at the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) in Seoul, South Korea, with overall 5 papers, which include 2 oral presentations and 3 poster. Below the complete list of our contr... Read More

Beyond Recognition: Gesture Variation for Continuous Interaction


Gestural interaction has become commonplace in consumer electronics. Finger gestures captured on touch screens provide intuitive ways to interface with complex tasks, and some gestures such as pinch-zoom have become iconic. Most techniques for coding... Read More