EAVI is a research group focused on embodied interaction with sound and image. We broach issues of whole body interaction, haptic feedback, sound image relationships, all in live real time applications. We are a small group of academics, researchers, and PhD students, carrying out cutting edge research across a diverse range of topics including motion capture, eye tracking, brain computer interfaces, physiological bio-interfaces, machine learning, and auditory culture.

Recent News

Workshop on Interactive Computer-Generated Audiovisuals: Call for Participation

There is a growing interest in audiovisual (AV) performance and composition. New festivals, publications and conferences, for example, have been established in this field in the last years. However, we would like to enquire if the tools for AV performance and composition have caught up... Read More


EAVI VIII The Amersham Arms Thurs 18th September 8 till 2 5 pounds with: oMMM Blanca Regina + Steve Beresford Ariane Alexander + Rebecca Fiebrink Miguel Ortiz Tom Richards + Team GBH DJS oMMM oMMM founded the musical style Bedcore in the year 2002. Early... Read More

Robert Henke and Robin Fox performances, Barbican, 19/7/2014

On the 19th July 2014, Robert Henke and Robin Fox performed at the Barbican in London (1). The audiovisual performances were very coherent, and complementary – both using lasers for the visuals. Robert Henke’s lasers were directed from the middle of the audience towards the... Read More

Talk by David Hofmann: Bayesian Filter for Myoelectric Signal Amplitude Estimation

David Hofmann from the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Göttingen, will give a lecture entitled “Bayesian filter for myoelectric signal amplitude estimation” Tuesday 20th May, at 12:00pm Goldsmiths College, Ben Pimlott Building, Lecture Theatre Abstract Myoelectric signals are important for a variety of... Read More