EAVI is a research group focused on embodied interaction with sound and image. We broach issues of whole body interaction, haptic feedback, sound image relationships, all in live real time applications. We are a small group of academics, researchers, and PhD students, carrying out cutting edge research across a diverse range of topics including motion capture, eye tracking, brain computer interfaces, physiological bio-interfaces, machine learning, and auditory culture.

Recent News

Robert Henke and Robin Fox performances, Barbican, 19/7/2014

On the 19th July 2014, Robert Henke and Robin Fox performed at the Barbican in London (1). The audiovisual performances were very coherent, and complementary – both using lasers for the visuals. Robert Henke’s lasers were directed from the middle of the audience towards the... Read More

Talk by David Hofmann: Bayesian Filter for Myoelectric Signal Amplitude Estimation

David Hofmann from the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Göttingen, will give a lecture entitled “Bayesian filter for myoelectric signal amplitude estimation” Tuesday 20th May, at 12:00pm Goldsmiths College, Ben Pimlott Building, Lecture Theatre Abstract Myoelectric signals are important for a variety of... Read More

EAVI VII on 15th May

EAVI VII: Cathy Lane / Yuri Suzuki / Dajuin Yao+Wenhua Shi / Rutger Hauser / Alex Thomas Amersham Arms / 15th May / 8 till 2 / £5 We’re dusting off the subs and heading back to the Amersham Arms for another night of experimental electronics and sound... Read More

Taken Apart and Put Together: Human, Machine and Sound Technologies

The following is the introduction of an essay entitled “Taken Apart and Put Together: Human, Machine and Sound Technologies”. The title draws on a passage by Donna Haraway. I’ve just completed the essay for an upcoming book on art science, computation and life. The text... Read More